Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pisa (28 Sep - 29 Sep 2008)

This camp is the best of the three we stayed. It has a small kitchen on the front porch and a table and chairs. There is also a small fridge inside.
Left Rome around 8.00am for Pisa. We have been travelling from Calais to Rome by avoiding toll roads with no problem. In the beginning we were using non toll road and again it bring us up mountainous small roads. At the end we decided to use the toll road and find that in Italy toll road are quite cheap and there are toll booths where you can pay cash and the route was also scenic and of course, much easier to drive. So we arrive Pisa, quite early before dark and manage to go to the Leaning tower of Pisa which is just about 10 mins from where we are staying. And again we stayed with Magic Europe camping that is Camping Torre Pendente and again got 10% discount. I regretted not buying any leather handbags from here. Its really cheap.

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