Friday, March 27, 2009

Paris (01 Oct - 05 Oct)

Day 1 and 2 in Paris
Left Nice around 8.00am on October 1st. After contemplating whether to stop in Avignon for a night or not, we decided to drive straight to Paris which is around 1000km away as there are so many places that we want to visit in Paris. We arrived at around 6.00pm and the toll came to about 70 euro. Checked into our hotel which is slightly out of Paris and decided to walk to Carrefour which is just 5 mins away for dinner. The next morning, and the first thing we want to do was to get to the top of Eiffel Tower and most importantly to beat the queue. Unfortunately, we lost the way and instead end up in Champs Elysees and from there we could see Eiffel Tower and after taking some photos, decided to walk towards it.

Champs Elysees Paris Jam

Eiffel Tower

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