Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Toyota Vios

Booked a Hyundai I10 1.25L for my eldest daughter in June 2010. But unfortunately after waiting for a month, the salesman called and says that the car will not available till October and maybe later as the company wants to sell off all the I10 1.0L first. So decided to buy another Vios, if we can sell off the Proton Wira and then give the old Vios to my daughter.

On the 28th July, manage to sold off the 1993 wira for RM6500. Therefore on the 31st July booked the Vios. At that time, UMW toyota have the Merdeka Promotion, and for this model, it was free insurance, so its about RM2,400 discount. They register the car on 12th August and I went to collect the car on the 14th.