Friday, October 15, 2010

My Broken Heart

On the 7th of October, 2010, my heart broke into pieces. I lost my husband of 26 years unexpectedly. He died of a broken heart and I am heart broken. How accurate is an ECG when performing medical check-up? None! He went for his yearly medical check-up 3 weeks before and the ECG shows a normal heart beat but how could he die of an acute heart attack. Actually thinking back, the symptoms were all there. He has loss of appetite and complain of gas in the stomach since June and they did an endoscope. He complain of numbness in his left arm, and they send him for physio. Why? because he is an active sportsman. He play tennis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the day he left us, he played tennis in the afternoon. Up till the last moment, my hubby thought it was gastritis. No one, not even the doctors at Penang Hospital at any moment suspected that
he has heart disease.

Today, I will be celebrating his 54th Birthday. Instead I am greiving. Life is uncertain, only death is.
A healthy looking person at one moment, and the next hour left us forever.
There were so many plans we wanted to do during our retirement years........but all that will become a dream.

For this I would like to dedicate the Metta Loving Kindness to my beloved departed hubby
May he be at peace
May he be at ease
May he be happy
May he be safe

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Toyota Vios

Booked a Hyundai I10 1.25L for my eldest daughter in June 2010. But unfortunately after waiting for a month, the salesman called and says that the car will not available till October and maybe later as the company wants to sell off all the I10 1.0L first. So decided to buy another Vios, if we can sell off the Proton Wira and then give the old Vios to my daughter.

On the 28th July, manage to sold off the 1993 wira for RM6500. Therefore on the 31st July booked the Vios. At that time, UMW toyota have the Merdeka Promotion, and for this model, it was free insurance, so its about RM2,400 discount. They register the car on 12th August and I went to collect the car on the 14th.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vee's Delicooker 1st Aniversary

This blog has been like an abandon project. Today, I just log-in to see what's happening and I found that a lot of people visited my blog while searching on the Delicooker. Hence, I would like to update after one year of use. Well, one thing for sure is my delicooker is not heavily used nor seldom used.
The condition after one year. The line is still there. The stove on the left side is hardly used. Most of the time I use the right side because of the smaller ring for smaller pots and also its has the high button which I used to get the cooking pan heat up faster.
The problem is water will stain the stove into white patches. Especially if the bottom of the pot is wet, it will create a white stain onto the stove or sometime when cooking water splash onto the stove. So to clean these white patches, I have no other choice but to use the green scouring pad.....and according to Vees Marketing, the stove is scratch proof. Unfortunately its not. If you look closely, there is already plenty of scratches from the scouring pad.
Left stove still clean and nice because hardly use.
In my experience after one year use, the stove has so far not created any problem. I guess the heating capacity is still the same without any loss in the heating ability. Cooking wise, as good as using gas. Most convenient is toasting bread on the stove. Very fast but if you are not careful then you will end up with burnt toast.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Father-in-law last rites

The significant of white cloth at the door. Notice the right side is longer than the left. It denotes the male of the family passed away.

The lantern to signify its the Chang family

The last respect

Only 3 of us participating in the prayers, hubby, eldest daughter and me. There could be more but unfortunately one of my sister-in-law is in Rwanda and could not come back, the other sister-in-law is a muslim and could not participate and my other daughter in Australia and I told her that its not necessary to come back.

The tomb in Thai Bhuddist temple in Taiping. Took the ashes to Taiping in the morning, perform the prayers and then came back. Reached back KL at around 6.30pm. So tiring.