Thursday, July 30, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, I don't know whether I got conned or not. I used up almost all of my maybank points to exchange for these scalar items. During the fair, when they try to prove it, it seem to have some effect. For example, when they ask us to stand on one foot, extend the hand out and holding the handphone with the scalar plaster inside, we seems to be able to balance better even when someone push down on the extended arms. I have yet to try the one I put in my handphone.
These whole items here cost my 15,000 points There are actually 6 small round ones and two plaster for the phone. I have used 2 small ones and one plaster for the phone
This pendent is 33,000 points

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maybank Treats Fair 2009

After months of waiting for the Maybank Treats Fair, its finally here. Usually I will be the there on the first day but now working in Selangor, I have to wait till the weekend. So today I went there early after picking up Hwei Xin in PJ and reach Mid Valley at around 10am so that I don't have to hunt for parking space. I have been waiting for this because its really a bargain going for this event. The waiting was to buy the Canon Ixus 870is camera which is to replace the one Hwei Xin lost in Liverpool. I bought it for RM1099 which is around RM200.00 cheaper that the shop outside. After that went walking around to see whether I could change anything with my credit card points. I wanted to change for a tefal saucepan, but they only have one high end model there. Then we chance upon a booth selling some gadgets called scalar enery....I don't know whether I got conned or not, but I exchanged almost all of my points for two pieces of it for the handphone and a pendent. With some points left, I exchanged for a Braun Rechargeable toothbrush.
Then I went to buy the filament stove with an extra 2 years warranty comes to around RM3200. And this item I sign up the 12 months 0% easy installment. Hwei Xin got herself a Nokia E71 and I also signed up for her with 12 month 0% easy installment which she will reimbursed me every month, I hope. Finally with a total of more than RM7000 of shopping, I got 23X lucky spin. In the spin, I got back some points, 3 different type of bags, 6 mugs, 3 set of
thermos and a lunch box.
The Stove Booth
My new Canon Ixus 870is. Sorry use the camera to take photo, so only the box.
Items I won at the free spin