Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Belgium (05 Oct - 9 Oct 2008)

Book the Euroline bus to Belgium. Have to take a bus to the Euroline bus station at Gallieni which just a 5 mins bus ride from where we are staying. The trip from Gallieni to Belgium took about 4 hours. We have to return to Belgium as most of my daughter's things are still in my sister-in-law house. When we reach Belgium, she was kind enough to come pick us up at the station and told us why we stopped there which is a red light area. We stayed there for 4 days unti the 9th of October. This time we went shopping in Belgium. We also find that clothes are cheap here, i.e. if you know where to go. Well, I can't remember where she took us because most of the name are in French. I bought a nice sweater for only 5 euro for my daughter who is studying in Australia. And some baby clothes for another sister-in-law in Malaysia who just delivered a baby boy before I went to Europe. We left on the 9th October morning by Flybe airline to Manchester. It's about 2 hours flight from Paris to Manchester. We have problem with the Immigration.....thinking that we need visa to go to UK, even after we told them we are commonwealth citizens and allow to go to UK for 6 months without visa, but they still have to check, so in the end, we were allowed go in last. The plane was a small one, which is a 24 seater plane. Of course, its the cheap airline, like Air Asia, so no food serve unless you pay for it. Since UK did not have daylight saving, we reach quite early meaning in UK, like a two hours is just one hour behind. Took a black cab to our travel lodge hotel which cost us 20pds. We could have save the 20pds if the hotel told us that they provide free scheduled transport from the airport to the hotel and vice-versa.

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