Friday, March 27, 2009

Paris (01 Oct - 05 Oct)

Day 2
From Eiffel Tower we get the bird eye view of Paris. Since our next stop was the Lourve, we search to see where is it and is it possible to walk there. After counting the number of bridges on the river Seine, we feel that we should be able to. The moment we get down from the Eiffel Tower, the sky turns so dark and both of us did not bring any umbrella. Fortunately along the walkway, there were full of chestnut trees which is blessing as it shade us from the rain and then turn in a hail and then finally drizzling.
Bird Eye view of Paris from Eiffel Tower

Walkway along River Seine to the Lourve

Alexandra bridge which is along the way
Finally at the Lourve and the sun is out again.
It such a huge museum. So we have to plan where to go as we only got 3 hours before the museum close for the day. So, the first stop is definitely the Denon wing to see the painting of Mona Lisa. Then walk along the way and admire the other paintings before reaching the Sully wing to see the sculpture of Venus de Milo. By the time we reach Sully wing, its almost closing time, so we rush through the others and have to forgo some places. Well, I guess to really admire all of the items, one have to be there for the whole day or maybe 2 days or more.

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