Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paris (01 Oct - 05 Oct 2008)

Day 3 (3rd Oct 2008)
This is the final day we have the car with us. And since Peugeot do not open on weekends we have to return the car today, i.e. on Friday. Left early morning to Courbevoie to return the car and from there took the train to Versailles. We were lucky that we met someone who is so kind as to take us to the train station and onto the platform to go to Versailles and in actual fact he is going the opposite way.

Train station near Courbevoie and around here are full of modern buildings
Versailles on the outside

The garden - Too big to explore and moreover after more than a month of walking, both of us have problem walking too long
Famous Hall of Mirrors

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