Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oops My Vios

On monday it was raining so heavily around 3.00 till 6.00 in the evening. As Hospital Serdang does not provide parking for staff, we have to park in the common parking areas, that is open air. So my car was in the heavy rain from 3.00. At 5.00pm, in poor visibility I drove home. While driving, I was wondering why is there water dripping onto my right hand. Looking up I saw the roof next to the driver's door there was a wet patch and water was dripping down from there. My first thought was, how could a 2 years old car have leaky roof and I presummed that when I opened the door the rain could have wet it. So with a piece of rag that is in the car, I soaked up whatever water was there, but then it start dripping again after a few minutes. So now it confirm my worst fear, the car really have leaky roof. The next day I rang up Toyota service centre and they ask me to bring in on Wednesday morning. Well, they checked and told me that the water came in from the windscreen and took about two hours to fix. I hope that the problem is fix and I can't check till the next thunderstorm. And during the two hours hanging around in their showroom, I started to chat with one lady there. It seems her brand new Toyota just taken out on Friday, has leaky bonet. Hmm....I am thinking, will Honda be better?

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Hwei Fern said...

Wa.. got a lot of money to change to Honda? hahaha