Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Finally the stove is already fixed and can be used. The advantages of having an electric stove is that I now have extra space under the stove and the sink as I don't need dirty gas tank inside my cabinet as well as a spare tank under the sink. And my kitchen now look flat and neat
The disadvantages are since it uses high voltage, it need a 15amp plug i.e. the round plug point and round pin plug. And the food that boiled over onto the stove sort of got stuck onto it and cannot be removed using ordinary detergent. Last Sunday, my daughter cooked instant noodle and the soup boil over and until today I still cannot get rid of the stain. I tried putting on wet cloth over the stain to get it soaked, don't work. Tried to soak with vinegar...don't work. Tried to soak with soapy water...don't work. Now I know why the guy tried to sell me some detergent to clean the stove when he sent it on Monday. Of course, I don't want to buy when I can't even fix the stove, and I was trying to find out from Maybank whether I can return the product. Since Maybank says the return policy is by the merchant and the merchant has no return policy....I have no choice but to fix the stove, if not I will be paying more than RM3000 to be kept as a white elephant.


Hwei Fern said...

Tried to use magic sponge yet?

Chui Lin said...

Hi, are you still using delicooker? Would like to know your comment of this electric cooker after so many months. I just placed a deposit of $200 for this cooker and realise later it needs the 15 amp powerpoint. Not sure should I forfeit the deposit or go ahead to re-wire the kitchen's powerpoint. Please advise. Thanks - CL from Singapore

Lim LY said...

Sorry for the late reply. Just log-in today.
I don't know about Singapore wiring system. I was lucky because when my wireman came to fix the plug, he says that the plug point is a 16 amp socket, so its not a problem. All he need to do is to change into the round holes plug point. You can ask your wire man to check first, if need to do rewiring...then maybe you could reconsider.