Saturday, August 8, 2009

Delicooker by Vees Marketing

Soooooo.....dissapointed. Anyone interested in buying this Delicooker by Vees Marketing, my advice, DON'T!!! Why????

1. Bad service.
They promise to send the items on Saturday. But did not send until I have to call them and by then they says they cannot send as they don't know about it. So...they say they will check it out and send on Monday. On Monday, luckily or unfortunately I received the product.....that's when I found out how dishonest they are.

2. They are
Two major things that they do not tell you.
i. Plug point, that is you need a 15amp plug point. And I call up the company whether I can change to the 13amp which is the usual plug point at home, they says cannot. I must use the 15amp if not all warranty will be void. So....have to call an electrician to come and change the plug point to 15amp, incur extra cost that is not made known. And also make sure your plug point is under the counter top, if not you have to drill a hole on the counter top for the plug.

ii. Its a built in if you already have a gas built in cooker....don't think you don't have problem. No problem, if the hole cut out for the gas cooker is too big, this one they have a frame which cost extra RM100 and since they have the frame with extra charges, they tell you about this. What happened when the hole cut-out is too small for the cooker. This is where the problem comes in.....find your own contractor or they find a contractor for you which costs RM120 to cut the hole bigger. And then you will have take more than a week to clean up the whole house if your counter top is concrete like mine.

3. No Return Policy
Since there is so much problem and I have to do major rectification, I wanted to return the product. But this company don't have return policy. In fact before they send the product, on the Saturday when I called, I was septical whether they can provide any good after sales service, so I wanted to cancel the order. But the company says, they have No Return Policy. Once bought is considered sold.

From Monday until today, I still cannot test or use the delicooker, I still waiting for my busy electrician to come fix my plug point. I am definately not recomending this Vees Marketing's Delicooker to any of my friends or relatives. And I hope that I am only one facing this problem and hope that the company is still around for another 3 years because I also bought an extra 2 years warranty.


雪 莉 said...

Hi, my mom just bought one on Friday night and only after we placed the order the sales person told us we needed to change to 15A socket. We are renting now and the landlord would not allow us to do any rectification to the power points in the apartment. So we called and wanted to cancel the order and the manager told us there is no return policy. We also purchased 2 years extra warranty. Now the stove has not been delivered yet and we don't know what to do.

雪 莉 said...

How is your cooker now? Does it consume a lot of electricity?

Lim LY said...

Sorry for the late reply. Just checking thru' my blog and manage to see ur comments. If u are in Malaysia, I guess it not a problem to change the plug point to the round hole one because the socket is built for 16amp. There is no hacking or anything, just a simple switch from square pin to round pin. Any electrician can do.
Regarding ur second question. Electricity consumption so far not much different. U can off the heat like 2 mins before finish cooking as the heat from the stove is still as hot.

ar kuen said...


Just bought a sub sale house. I have a concern here as my kitchen has 4 electrical point (which I believe is looping). 1 for fridge, 1 for cooker hood, 1 for fan, 1 for Vees. Will there be any problem? Afraid that power tripping will happen. The headache here is I already buy the Vees delicooker & I cannot hack/add another electric point as the kitchen is already renovated nicely.