Sunday, April 12, 2009

Residents Association Meeting

Today, after 3 years of shifting into this township, I decided to attend the Residents Association meeting. It is supposed to start at 8.30am till 12.30pm. I arrived there at about 9.30am after going for breakfast with my hubby and sending him to the nearest bus stop to catch a bus to the bus station at Puduraya and from there to catch another express bus to Penang.
After reaching there at 9.30am, I am not surprised that the meeting has not started and I am the number 52 residents to arrive. Well, this township is seems has around a thousand household in this section yet at the end of the meeting there were a total of around 70 residents who attended the meeting.
A new committee was formed and a few issues were raised by some of the residents. The most important was the issuance of CF by the local council. It looks like most of the houses already got their permanent CF and yet I am left in the dark. Anyway, they gave us the telephone to contact the developer to enquire about the CF for those houses who have yet to get their CF.
The other issues that concerned the residents were the pot-holes that are on the roads, suggestion to put up humps on some roads and to extend the main road as planned when we bought the township.
Unfortunately I was also elected to be one of the committee member, which is something I am not interested in and also I will be the only female in the committee hold by all men and so I ask that I be exempted from becoming one of the members but in the end, I lose out and they decided to appoint another woman into the committee so that I will not be the sole female.

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