Sunday, April 12, 2009

PC Fair

Yesterday I went to the PC fair organised by Pikom at KL Convention Centre with my husband. Well, the PC fair opened from 11.0am to 9.00pm but we went there early so that we can park at the fixed price parking area and also right in front of the Centre. So with time to kill, we walk around Suria KLCC and also sit in the KLCC park waiting for the door to open. Instead going upstairs first and then finally going downstairs, we went downstairs first which is mistake, because they make in such a way, that you its a one-way journey and you have to pass every area and exit and go back another round. And mind you, there are human jam every where. Anyway, I got what I wanted to buy, i.e. a LCD Monitor and 2 CDs of Kaspersky with 6 licences. I wanted to buy a cheap LCD monitor but there none that cost below RM300. The smallest which is 18.5" cost between RM350 to RM390. In the end I settled for LG brand which cost me RM369. My hubby wanted to get a netbook which costs between RM1500 to RM2000 but I try to convinced him to buy a notebook, because for RM1000 extra, he will get a better one. In the end he bought a 13" ACER notebook with Intel 2 processor technology and 4GB ram. After that we meet up with my eldest daughter and went for lunch at Pizza Hut because we got a RM30 voucher for buying a computer with Maybank credit card. Then to the optician at Campbell complex to make glasses for my daughter as well as for myself and to trim off the chip end of my hubby spectacles. It was so jam, from KLCC to Jln Tunku Abd Rahman and also from there to Campbell complex. At the end we left KL at around 6.00pm and send my daughter back to my mother-in-law's house and then back to Tmn Equine for dinner.
We came back and unpacked the notebook to install Kaspersky and also Microsoft Office. We thought it will be an easy task, but we took more than an hour trying to completely get rid of the pre-installed McAfee and we have to resort to googling how to uninstalled this anti-virus program. Finally did it and after installing the Kaspersky, we have to activate online and another problem crop-up, after connecting to the wireless, eventhough its connected, it didn't want to connect to the internet...why????. Then we click here and there, it finally get connected and until today, still puzzled how suddenly it can connect to the internet. Anyway, got the registration done and finally install Microsoft Office and all this easy task only get to finish at around 1.00am the next day. What a long day!

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