Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prague (18 Sep - 20 Sep 2008)

Its 8°C outside
Travelling from Potsdam to Prague and trying to save a few Euro's by avoiding toll roads, the GPS took us thru' mountainous roads which is scenic and good for us travelling at leisure, but unfortunately we reached Prague around 8.00pm. If you notice, its 8°C in Autumn and that's is only late afternoon.

Czech Koronas
The Czech Republic eventhough is one of the European Union, do not use Euro as their currency. So we have to change to Koronas for all our monetary transactions.

Ossuary Church
After driving the whole night, we decided to take a guided tour to Ossuary Church or also known as Church of Bones. Inside, there are skeletons and skulls everywhere and even the chandeliers are made of bones. Its a small church and you have the pay to enter the church. Anyway, the entrance fees is already included in the tour.

Kutna Hora
This is the building where the silver coins are minted a long time ago. Inside you will be able to see the minted coins through the ages. At that time working here was very prestigous, but nowadays it looks like a dead town.

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